We believe all systems within our community need to work together to create holistic care for the most vulnerable in Ventura County. That is why we work to unite all of us- schools, agencies, churches and businesses- to serve our neighbors in need.


We provide tangible service projects that improve the quality of life and home safety for those in financial, physical, and spiritual need. By setting aside an hour of our time to meet a repair need for a neighbor, we remind them that they are cared for and loved.


When we take part in service projects for our neighbors on the margins, we become aware of social and economic disparities within our communities- and Ventura County. This awareness enables us to help our communities heal, grow, and thrive.


Every investment in ACTION VC has the power to be multiplied. Last year, on our $200,000 budget, we put nearly $900,000 back into Ventura County in donated toys, project materials and volunteer labor. That is more than four times the initial investment!